The Master Harper is the total authority on all goings on within the craft. While they may not over see each operation within the craft their approval is sought for each major project.

The Knot of the Harper Craftmaster is a double corded loop of harper blue and secondary shade, arranged in triple loops with two gold tassels and the Harper emblem.

Craft Second

The craftsecond is second only to the Craftmaster in all things concerning harper hall. They see to many matters that the Craftmaster is to busy to see to themselves.

The knot of the Craftsecond is double cord in primary and secondary color arranged into triple loops with a single silver tassel and the harper badge.


A harper Master is truly a skilled individual. It's only after many turns of study does one achieve this rank. Most masters are full time teachers, devoted mainly to higher level Journeyman lessons.

The Master knot is double cords of Blue and white arranged into double loops and a long tail tipped with a silver tassel.

The Apprentice Master is in charge of assigning lessons to the apprentices and seeing to their promotions rather than teaching as other Masters are.

The knot of the Apprentice Master is the same as that of the Master except that the tassel is gold rather than silver.


Junior Journeyman are to spend most of their time refining their craft and narrowing their skilled down to two areas. They may also teach Apprentice level classes though it is unlikely.

The knot of a Junior Journeyman is a double corded loop of harper blue and while arranged into a single loop and a long tail.

The full Journeyman is usually posted. Those that remain at the hall are placed in charge of apprentice lessons or assigned to a Master as a personal assistant. A posting lasts a minimum of two turns for a Journeyman.

The knot of a Journeyman is a double cord (One in the dominant color, one in the secondary color) arranged in a single loop with a long tail and two tassels of blue as well as the knot of the area they are posted to, if they are posted.

A Senior Journeyman is a Journeyman that has successfully completed a two turn or more posting and has reported back to the hall to teach full time Apprentice lessons and some Junior Journeyman lessons or, has advanced due to recommendation of their Master mentor.

The knot of a Senior Journeyman is a double cord of blue and white arranged into double loops.

Crafters of journeyman rank should know by this stage how to make any instrument from skins, frames, lengths of woods and metals.
The age for Journeymen is roughly between 19 and 29 Turns.


Typically taken on as an apprentice at 12 or 13 turns, the knot of the Junior Apprentice is that of a single loop of harper blue cording.

The full apprentice is usually about 14 or 15 turns old. They spend their time getting a general knowledge of all craft specialties to help them make the desicion of choosing 3 that much easier.

The knot of a full Harper Apprentice is a single loop of double cords; Harper blue and white.
As a Senior Apprentice You are expected to already be working towards your 3 specialties, or at least have them in mind. Several lessons are taken during this level to prepare you for the choice. It is still possible to change your mind at this point and much easier to do so now rather than as a Journeyman. Most become Senior Apprentices at 16 to 17 turns old.

The knot of a Senior Apprentice Harper is a double corded loop with a short tail, in Harper blue and white.

Apprentices are expected to follow their chain of command.

Apprentice Master
Junior Apprentice Master
Followed by any other Master or Journeyman.
Going over someone's head (The Jr. AM for example) is extremely frowned upon.

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