The HarperCraft has two Crafthalls, these being the original one at Fort Hold, and the new one at Landing University, which was established after the discovery of AIVIS, in turn 2525. AIVIS gave the Harpers the first printing press, and from this, the Harper's established a center for building and teaching regarding printing presses.
The responsibility of the Harper Hall is more than just to teach, and to entertain, it is the preserver of all Pernese history, and carries with it the records from thousands of years ago. A Harper must not only learn the traditions, but must, no matter their temperament, learn to teach them to all others.
The Hall started out as a propaganda point. The communications center of Pern. The HarperCraft has become more than a simple Craft, it is the clearing point for information, its responsibility to sift out falsehood from fact in the news that pours into the Hall via its information network.
Originally, harpers began as the teachers who gave the children basic instruction before sending them out on assignments, in which they showed more promise. The education of a child continues until they reach the age of fourteen turns, at which time the child is considered to hold reason and certain responsibilities, unless they show an aptitude for music and such like.
Gradually, the HarperCraft moved in a similar direction to the druidic tradition on ancient Earth: Prognosticator - Foreteller of events, Judge and Bard.


In the turn 2643, Craftmaster Larindros and Craftsecond Lorithar stepped down from their positions, for personal reasons. In their place, a promising young master named Kobocan stepped up, electing Dylia, some ten turns his senior, as his Craftsecond. Some massive changes were made at this point, including a general relocation to Landing, at least for the administration of the craft, with only secondary leadership at the Crafthall.
For some three and a half turns, Kobocan remained in this position, and made massive changes to both the command structure, and the interior runnings of the craft. This proved to be his downfall; overworking and undersleeping came to a climax when he collapsed at a Harper Craftmeet, and was considered retired. At that very Craftmeet, the masters voted, and, to the surprise of one Mairean, currently serving as a simple teacher, it wasn't Dylia who was to take up the reigns, but that same Mairean.
Under Mairean, the Craftsecond stayed the same; Dylia accepting it, although with some venom, thanks to her own aspirations for the top position. Mairean also invited Zerilla, one of the older Masters, to take the Apprentice Master position, which he has done. New leadership was also been chosen for the Fort Harper Hall, in the form of Junior Craftsecond Mydalie, and Junior Apprentice Master Jynhe.
Turn 2648 brought further changes: the main Harper Hall returning to Fort, exchanging Mairean and Dylia for Mydalie and Jynhe, the bulk of the landing-based apprentices coming to Fort themselves.
Of course, change is the way of life. Dylia was getting on in turns and the only choice was to select a new Craftsecond. The lucky master selected was a reclusive mother of 5 named Phaelba who was more apt to be in the Archives than teaching anything. She administrates her duty away from the hustle and bustle of Harperhall at Fort Hold. Instead she's more at home in the warmer climes of Xanadu Weyr, at least for now.
But that wasn't meant to last it seems. CraftMaster Mairean informed Phaelba that she intended to take a hiatus indefinately from the Harper craft. Promoting Phaelba to CraftMaster, the formerly Xanadu based Harper now flits between locations on a regular basis until she can find a suitable Craftsecond.

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