The badge of the Craft is a rich blue harp against a while field.


Firstly, it will help if you read all the +help files. It should give you an idea whether or not the HarperCraft is for you. Please note that Harper Hall is not a way station for those intending to be searched. If you intend to stand for search, it is suggested that you apply to the Weyr for a staff position.

Secondly, if after reading *everything* (especially +help requirements) and talking to other members of the Craft you decide that it is the Craft for you, send the HarperCraft admin (hac .who/admins) some @mail. That should include a reason for joining the Craft, the best times for an on-line interview with one of them and your character's background.

Thirdly, you _DO NOT_ have to join the Hall as a Harper Student, you could be a cook, steward, or even a practicing member of another Craft.

We particularly are in need of full time RP characters at the Hall, so staff members are being encouraged.


Journeyrank or Master Harpers interested in being posted randomly may apply to Moyrel and/or Alisar by @mail. Please understand that postings are subject to the agreement of the area leaders, and suitability for the position. If there is a specific place you would like to be posted, this may also be noted, although once again, there will be cases in which this will not be possible.

Areas who wish to have a Harper posted them should also note their request to Moyrel, who will try and find someone suitable for the position. This may take a short time to get organized; please be patient!

Questions regarding this can be sent to Moyrel, via @mail.


Non-staff players are allowed to remain at their current rank as long as they like. If you enjoy playing an apprentice, feel free to remain at that rank. However, do consider that as your character ages; their rank might appear to be increasingly out-of-character. It is very unusual to see a 30 year old active apprentice, for example. It is logical to assume that with all that time to study, they would have moved up at some point.

Rank promotions within Harper Hall are available to existing active characters. If and when you feel your character is ready for promotion please indicate your interest by @mailing the current Harper Hall staff.

Promotions are generally granted as requested unless:

1. The character's IC age is inappropriate for the rank they're requesting
2. The character is skipping ranks to a higher than appropriate rank
3. The character is returning from an extended idleness.
4. The character is a craftrider and is prevented by policy from attaining a higher rank.

You the player are strongly encouraged to participate in the promotion process /ICly/ in the following ways:

Players can request an on-camera 'walking of the tables' event.

Players can request a special project or duty to be fulfilled as part of their requirements for promotion.

Players can request new duties and quarters that are appropriate to their new rank.

~ Please note that IC participation is /optional/. Characters do not /have to/ do a special project, for example, to receive promotion but it is encouraged to stimulate role-play. ~

Rank within Harper Hall is to be used for IC purposes only. Rank is never an excuse to abuse, harass, or coerce another player. However, rank /is/ to be respected in-character. Rules requiring OOC consent prior to taking actions that affect another character apply as always.


Rules for Apprentices are as follows:

Apprentices leaving the Hall:

Technically apprentices are confined to the grounds of the Harper Hall, but realistically this is not something that fosters RP. You will not always find RP that is centered at the Hall, and there will be occasions upon where you will want to go get away from the Hall and interact with the rest of the people Pern. So long as Apprentices have a plausible 'In Character' reason for being away from the Harper Hall, you are free to leave the grounds at any time. Some good examples for reasons that have been used in the past include: delivering messages to a posted harper, an errand to copy Record scrolls at some Hold, Hall, or Weyr, collecting hides or herbs for ink, picking up wood for instruments, accompanying a Journey or Master rank Harper on a task, etc. These excuses only apply for visits of a relatively short length, usually no more than two to three days and at most a sevenday. Any absences longer than that would entail a lapse in your studies ICly and would need to be cleared with the MasterHarper and CraftSecond. Another thing, please also try to use realistic In Character transport. Due to your rank, you would not call upon a Queenrider to provide you with transport (remember here that riding a dragon at all is an unusual honor, generally reserved for Lord Holders, etc.) unless you and the queenrider were great IC friends.

Angst tp's are allowed, but anything beyond minor angst should be cleared with the Harper Staff beforehand, and involve a fully fleshed out plot. (NO exceptions)

Apprentices and the consumption of alcohol:
It's perfectly canon and allowed, but expect IC consequences if you drink in excess (i.e., if the alcohol you're consuming was lifted from a Master's private stash, if your drinking results in tardiness to class or a divulging of harper secrets, etc.) then you will likely find yourself in trouble.

Relationships of/between Apprentices:
Apprentices of the Harper Hall are not allowed to handfast or weyrmate. This is due to the intensity of the program of classes and study undertaken. Harper Apprentices also sleep in single cots within male/female segregated dormitories, there being no married housing available. Exceptions to this rule are very rare.

Legal Functions:
Only Harpers of Journeyman rank and above may perform, stand as witness or pass judgment on such functions (i.e., marriages, disputes, etc.)

Acceptable Apprentice behaviour:
Apprentices are expected to treat those of higher rank than themselves with respect at -all- times. Those found disregarding such protocols will be punished. Occasional pranking instigated by Apprentices will be tolerated, but if carried to the extreme, punishments will be meted out to those involved. A good rule is, that if you would not try this with a fellow student or teacher RL, then probably it would be best forgotten. Remember to try and keep any prank with IC possibilities of your character, Pern and the Hall itself. If you are unsure, contact one of the Masters.


All apprentices and journeymen are allowed to apply for search, however, they *must* contact Moyrel and Alisar first so that they know what is happening. Permission will not, in any case, be refused, however, it is courtesy to at least make note of it.


Craftmaster: Moyrel
Craftsecond: Alisar
Apprentice Master: Vacant
Junior Craftsecond: Vacant
Junior Apprentice Master: Dyanara

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