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Specialty Voice/Instruments
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This youth has not reached his full potential for height. He has medium length brown hair that generally looks carefully messed up at any given time. His eyes are a greyish blue in colour, one colour showing dominence depending on his mood. He pretty much wears just sturdy dark pants and a lighter button up shirt. Sturdy boots adorn his feet.


Eiram is the son of Bronzerider Ly'am and Greenrider Eirwyn. He spent much of his youth raised by his grandparents at Rubicon River hold though he did visit his parents or had visits with them or other members of their extended family growing up. As he came to the age of choosing he wavered between following the family 'business' and become a sailor/fisherman or follow in the shared passion of his father and enter Harper craft. Though there was certainly salt in his veins, he chose the later and entered into the craft at 12 turns.


Name Relation Location Position Status
Ly'am Father Fort Weyr Wingrider/Harper on Bronze Odryth PC (retired)
Eirwyn Mother Fort Weyr Wingrider/DragonHealer on Green Xucieth PC (retired)
Lady Ryeira Grandmother Rubicon River Hold Retired Lady Holder PC (retired)
Lord Gaerwyn Grandfather Rubicon River Hold Warden PC (retired)
Ryna Aunt Rubicon River Hold lady NPC
Lyerdes Uncle Rubicon River Hold Lord Holder NPC
Rygel Uncle Rubicon River Hold lord-Steward NPC
Kristhalis Grandfather Healercraft MasterHealer PC-Deceased
Maharet Grandmother Healercraft master Healer PC (retired)
D'len Stepgrandfather Xanadu Jman Healer and Rider to Green Szayelth PC (retired)
Lyn Great-Aunt Dolphincraft/Xanadu Retired rider for Xanadu/Jman Dolphineer with Blue Liraeth PC (retired)
Lisle Great-Aunt Ierne Retired WW with Gold Umniyath PC (retired)

Children of Lyn-Laera and Larissa.
Children of Laera-Zaala, Ladella, Dalaryn, Laria
Children of Lisle-Alixander, Liva and Analis

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