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Rank Senior Apprentice
Specialty Voice/Dance/Archives
Mentor Undecided
Posting Harper Hall & Ista Weyr


A wealth of blonde waves fall to the understated curve of Zorya's chest, apart from the diametric plaits that twine back from the sides of her head, restrained with a berry-color strip of thin, dyed wherhide near the nape of her neck, the ends left trailing down amidst her hair. A soft, pink color tinges her lips. Crystal, clear, sky-blue eyes are poised below honey-brown brows. Her face, small and round, with a dimple on each tanned cheek, is almost secretive, like a feline's could be, as if she holds some deep down dark secrets of life behind her mask of innocence. Light tan skin is a convention more of heritage than exposure, the cool analogous tans reddening at her upper cheekbones in unsoiled subtlety. Her shoulders are broad, yet arms and body slender, toned from activity, and just beginning to sprout the accents of womanly character. At 15 turns she is tall for her age, standing just shy of five six.

A light weight dress of pale blue covers her frame. The front is cut low, thin straps run over her shoulders to hold it up and in place. Below the ribbon, that defines the bodice from the skirt as well as helping define and accentuate the girl's chest, the skirt of the dress falls relatively straight, ending just below her knees. Thin sandals adorn her feet a cool form of foot protection in Ista's warmth.


See Zorya's webpage at http://zorya.wikidot.com for character history, logs, pics and extended family listing.


Name Relation Location Position
Lukyan (NPC) Father Shipton Cothold Holder
Petranija (NPC) Mother Shipton Cothold Holder's Wife
L'ton Maternal Uncle Ista Weyr Weyr Second - Rider of Bronze Dhonzayth
Zipalla Cousin (L’ton’s Daughter) Ista Weyr Weyr Resident
Pi Some Cousin Ista Weyr Rider of Green Psylenith
Zh'ae Some Cousin Ista Weyr Rider of Blue Zhilinith
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