Rank Apprentice
Specialty Voice
Mentor Eeva (NPC)
Posting Xanadu Weyr


A lovely oval face is framed by dark black wavy hair that falls all the way down to her mid back. Her light brown skin is smooth and free of marks, a sign of her young age. Under a pair of thinly arched eyebrows are her almond shaped hazel eyes. High cheek bones are very prominent on her face along with two dimples on each corner of her plump red lips which are usually drawn in a coquettish smile. She is tall, standing at nearly six feet and her body is very slender.


Myesha is one of the many children produced from her greenrider mother Orlena and one of her various partners bronzerider H'mye. Born and raised in Ista weyr she was brought up mostly by her mothers weyrmate Tivia who is a member of the Harper craft. Learning from a young age to play various instruments she eventually followed her stepmothers example and joined the craft. She excelled at playing the guitar, fiddle, and pipes but her greatest love is singing. Being a quick learner she ascended the ranks rapidly and was hoping to become a journeyman. Even though she has many siblings from her mothers side she is most close to Or'un whom she grew up practicing her lessons and teaching music to.

Her plans of becoming a journeyman however were put on hold the day Marte, rider of Brown Vwayath, asked her to stand for Kilaueth and Hesketh's clutch at Xanadu Weyr. She took up the offer, much to the dismay of her mentor Eeva, and joined the many Candidates that were trickling in from all over. She did not do well in Candidacy, not a fan of the chore list which involved things that she usually didn't do back in the Harper Hall like interacting with animals. But the worst of all her experiences involved the Survival Camp her Candidate class participated in, having to deal with leaky barracks and an attack by a pack of wild felines. But all in all she managed to escape with just a sprained ankle and an even deeper hatred for the outdoors.

The time finally came for the eggs to hatch. She stood on those hot sands along with her fellow Candidates and watched as one by one the eggs hatched and their respective Hatchlings found their human counterparts. It was, however, a tiny clumsy green Hatchling that walked her way, falling flat on her face before that musical voice filled Myesha's mind. She left with her dearest love Sophyrinth as S'ya, one of Xanadu Weyr's newest Weyrlings.


Name Relation Location Position
Orlena Mother Ista Weyr Greenrider
H'mye Father Ista Weyr Bronzerider
Or'un Half-Brother Ierne Weyrhold Bronzerider
Ba'us Half-Brother Ista Weyr Bronzerider
Tra'us Half-Brother Ista Weyr Bronzerider


Gold Kohia


Green Sophyrinth

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