Rank CraftMaster
Specialty Instrument, Voice and Composition
Posting Harper Hall


She is small and light, in exactly the way that gives all the more impression of athletic fitness, or at leastof quickness and agility, especially with her swift, quick and graceful movements. Her dark, almost black hair is tied back neatly, and her expressive green eyes are always drawn to this or that attraction in the environment, unless she is concentrating on something in particular. She is wearing a full-length skirt in a muted yellow tone, a coarse blue-green shirt, simple but rugged shoes, pale blue hair ribbons, and something recently acquired, but proudly so: A knot depicting her rank of Craftmaster of Harpers.




Name Relation Location Position
K'urk Weyrmate
Kylar Son
Kadan Nephew Eastern Weyr Journeyman Harper


Bronze Sparkle, Blue Glitter, Green Emerald, Brown Ash, and Green Peridot

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